Black Civil War Soldier Facts

4th United States Colored Infantry Regiment
Black Union Soldiers

Introduction - Black Civil War Soldiers

Black soldiers played a very important role in helping the North win the American Civil War. At first African-American men were not permitted to join the army; but this changed and by the end of the war nearly 200,000 black men had served as soldiers or sailors in the Union Army and Navy. These men fought bravely in numerous battles including Petersburg, Milliken's Bend (part of the Vicksburg Campaign), and Port Hudson. The movie Glory rightfully glorifies the black 54th Massachusetts Regiment's assault on Fort Wagner in South Carolina in July of 1863 where half of the black regiment was lost. Sixteen black soldiers would end up being awarded the Medal of Honor, the U.S. highest military honor, for their service in the American Civil War.

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On this page you will find a list of interesting facts about black Civil War soldiers. This information includes where black soldiers fought, how they got the right to join the military, and what prejudices they faced while serving. You will find links to detailed pages about some of the famous black soldiers and regiments.

Interesting Black Civil War Soldiers Facts