American Civil War Women Facts

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Introduction - Civil War Women

There were many women during the Civil War who played important roles in helping their sides war effort. There were women who were nurses, abolitionists, spies, who helped supply the troops, and even women soldiers. Some of these women are famous and known by every kid who ever picked up a history book where there are others whose names have been lost to history. In this section of American Civil War Facts you will find lists of interesting American Civil War women facts and information.

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American Civil War Women Soldier Facts

It is estimated that as many as four hundred women fought alongside their male counterparts on both the Union and Confederate sides during the Civil War. The exact number will never be known. Neither side legally allowed women to join the army; therefore these women had to disguise themselves as men. The physical exams for being allowed in either army were obviously not very thorough. When on occasion these soldiers were discovered to be women they were usually just sent home although there were a few who were imprisoned for short periods of time. The reasons why these women fought are the same reasons men fought; including dedication to their side, adventure, and for money. Many of these brave women's names have been lost to history; but one that was not is Jennie Hodgers. She enlisted in the 95th Illinois Infantry using the name Albert Cashier. These amazing women fought in over 40 engagements. Even after the war she lived as a man and was not found out to be a woman until a few years before she died. She was buried in her military uniform.

Famous American Civil War Women Facts