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You may be asking what a famous women's rights activist like Susan B Anthony is doing in a section on American Civil War Women Facts. In fact she was quite active in the anti-slavery movement before the outbreak of the war. During the Civil War she was active in in the Underground Railroad assisting escaped slaves reach freedom. She also helped President Lincoln by forming the Women's Loyal League which pushed for an amendment to the Constitution of the United States that would abolish slavery.

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Although Susan B Anthony (Susan Brownell Anthony) was known for many accomplishments throughout her life, she was a woman who was most famous for her role in the women's rights movement. She was an extremely bright kid who excelled at school and learned to read and write when she was just three. Susan B Anthony and her family also became strong supporters of the anti-slavery movement. It was at an anti-slavery conference where she befriended Elizabeth Cady Stanton, another women's rights activist who further inspired Anthony. The fact that she was not allowed to speak at a temperance convention because she was a woman is what ultimately led her to fight for women's suffrage, a woman's right to vote.

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