Women Civil War Nurse Facts

Sketch of a nurse treating a Civil War soldier
Nurse treating a Civil War soldier

Introduction - American Civil War Nurses

Nurses during the American Civil War were not adequately trained to perform the overwhelming tasks of caring for the thousands of wounded and ill soldiers produced by the war. However, due to their efforts thousands of soldiers, who would have else died, were saved. Women nurses proved that, contrary to popular belief at the time of the Civil War, that they were capable of important and difficult jobs; this went a long way in their fight for equal rights with men. On this page are lists of interesting facts about nurses during the American Civil War. The information on this page includes who some of the famous nurses were, what duties nurse had to perform, and where these nurse came from.

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General Civil War Nurse Facts

List of Famous American Civil War Nurses

Clara Barton

Annie Etheridge

Dorothea Dix