General McClellan Facts

Photograph of General McClellan in Civil War uniform
General McClellan

Introduction - General McClellan

In July of 1861 the American Civil War had just begun and the people of the Northern states were looking for a military leader capable of crushing the rebellion of the southern states. The Union Army had just experienced a surprising and disheartening loss at the First battle of Bull Run. They turned their hopes to George B. McClellan who had won a few minor victories against the Confederate Army. Lincoln summoned him to Washington D.C. where he was greeted as a hero by the civilians and was appointed by President Lincoln as the general to lead the Union Army.

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The information below, presented as a list of facts, will explain how Lincoln quickly lost confidence in McClellan and why Lincoln would eventually remove him as commander of the Union forces. Additional facts will provide a synopsis and a short biography of McClellan's life and military career; some of the information will be familiar to every kid whoever picked up a history book where as some facts are not as well known.

Interesting Facts about General McClellan

Facts about General McClellan at the Battle of Antietam