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Painting of Confederate General Stonewall Jackson
General Stonewall Jackson

Introduction - Stonewall Jackson

It is July 21, 1861 and the first major battle of the American Civil War is raging near Manassas Virginia. The Union forces have the upper hand and the Confederate lines are beginning to crumble. Standing on top of Henry House Hill, ready to reinforce the southerners, is Confederate General Thomas Jonathan Jackson. In the middle of the chaos and panic he is standing tall with out the slightest sign of fear. He and his brave troops will soon spring into action and help secure an amazing victory over the Northern troops. In fact it is the day his bravery under fire will earn him his famous nickname "Stonewall Jackson".

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History has rarely seen such a confident and capable military commander. His name is familiar to any kid who has ever opened a history book. On this page of Civil War General Facts you will find a list of interesting information about this great Civil War general.

Interesting General Stonewall Jackson Facts

General Stonewall Jackson Civil War Facts