Battle of Fredericksburg Facts

Stone wall on Fredricksburg Battlefield
Fredricksburg Battlefield

Introduction - Battle of Fredericksburg

The American Civil War Battle of Fredericksburg was fought from December 11th through December 15th of 1862 in and around the town of Fredericksburg Virginia. The Union Army was led by General Ambrose Burnside whereas the Confederate Army was commanded by General Robert E. Lee. It was the most lopsided victory in terms of casualties during the American Civil War. Union deaths were approximately 1,284 with another 9,600 wounded; whereas Confederate deaths were about 608 with an additional 4,116 wounded. The battle of Fredericksburg was a perfect example of how the appointment of incompetent and poorly qualified Union Army commanders led to the useless loss of thousands of brave Northern soldiers during the American Civil War.

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On this page you will find a list of interesting facts about this great battle including information about the numerous tactical mistakes made by Union General Ambrose Burnside. All of our Civil War facts are written in such a manner for both kids and adults to enjoy.

Battle of Fredericksburg Timeline

Battle of Fredericksburg Interesting Facts